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The Po’Boys Brass Band's Education Outreach Program aims to give students the tools to succeed in a 21st century music business. Through clinics, workshops, performance lectures, and community outreach, the band hopes to create a raised awareness of the fundamental importance of the arts and arts education in school curriculum and the community.

Most importantly, we believe that by training the next generation of musicians to be effective entrepreneurs, we can ensure the safe and successful future of live music.


In addition to hard rocking, the Po’Boys Brass Band is actually quite smart.

The group collectively has 13 degrees of higher learning from the Eastman School of Music, The Juilliard School, Harvard University and more in subjects from music performance and instrumental education to jazz and contemporary media. Band members are highly sought out as clinicians and educators as well as private instructors.

After many requests, the PBBB has officially launched an Education Outreach Program. They’ve performed for numerous high schools, middle schools, colleges and universities throughout the northeast to great acclaim. The band’s currently working on expanding their range, and will soon embark on education tours throughout the country.

The band's main focus in these education programs is simple: to encourage entrepreneurship.

Several entrepreneurship initiatives have been launched all over the country in colleges and universities. As professionals well know, the survival of a musician in the 21st century is almost entirely dependent on our ability to not only be excellent musicians, but entrepreneurs and passionate advocates of our art as well. Our performance lecture aims to give your students the tools to succeed in a 21st-century market, not only through our story as a band, but also through personal experiences within our individual careers, as well as sharing resources and tools necessary to succeed through handouts and multimedia.

Every artist in the Po'Boys Brass Band has world class professional experience, performing for the likes of Nicholas Payton, Wycliffe Gordon and Maria Schneider as well as several of the country’s prestigious orchestras and directors. Most band members are also band leaders with their own respective projects. In addition to their own projects, several of us are composers, arrangers and professors. We even have a radio DJ, tuba doctoral candidate, a country singer, and a dean! We don’t only preach entrepreneurship; we LIVE it!

A typical booking for the band includes a full day of activity: performance lecture, clinics/workshops on a variety of topics, a Q and A session and finishing with an evening performance. Fees vary depending on exactly what you want, as well as the bands' availability. We try to be as accommodating as possible to schools and take into full consideration budget issues, school schedules, etc. We want to give you every opportunity to have the PBBB come to your school.

Education performances are a large part of our mission and what we believe in as artists: part of a "pay it forward" approach to music. We hope to have the opportunity to bring the band to your wonderful program and your wonderful students.


Performance Lecture- Entitled "Is Your Music Ready for the Street?" This presentation focuses on music entrepreneurship and giving your students the tools to succeed in the 21st century. We mix playing with interactive speaking, handouts, and multimedia.

Clinic/Workshop- Topics range from executive skills, technique, composition, arranging, improvisation, increased musicianship, and technology in performance practice. These presentations are guided by your students’ particular interests and needs.

Evening Performance- The culmination of the day's activity. The PBBB plays a show open for the public either alone or in collaboration with one of the school's ensembles or outstanding students. We will provide you with charts ahead of time to rehearse your group at no extra charge.


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